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Here you will find information on the current state of the development effort. It will be updated periodically and will give you a snapshot of the current state of Linux on the PA-RISC. For more information on the current state of the PA-RISC project see Weekly Reports and check out our list of Contributors.

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February 28, 2001


  • rewrite semaphores -- both read/write and ordinary (Matthew)
  • Create an IO tree to support multiple I/O MMUs. (Ryan)
  • SuperIO Serial (Martin Petersen and Alex deVries)
  • fix fbcon-sti.c bugs and X11? (David)
  • Kernel Memory dumps on crash. See SGI's LKCD. (Bruno Vidal?)
  • HIL keyboard driver needs updating (Brian and Alex has access to HIL documentation)
  • Coalesce DMA pages in sba_map_sg() (Grant)
  • Coalesce DMA pages in ccio_map_sg() (Ryan)
  • LASI Floppy controller (Dave Kennedy)
  • WAX EISA bus addapter (Alex deVries)
  • Harmony audio driver completion (Alex deVries)
  • AD1889 PCI Audio driver (Alex deVries)
  • SMP support
    • build/test w/CONFIG_SMP (ggg)
    • Interrupt Distribution (even CPU loading) w/CONFIG_SMP (ggg)
    • asm-parisc/cache.h defines L1_CACHE_BYTES - issue w/32-bit on PA2.0 (ggg)
  • 64-bit kernel
    • VM (John)
    • PA2.0 Hand-Tuned/Optimised asm IP checksum code (Randolph)
    • Syscalls/ioctl (John, Paul, George, Ringo, Cast of Thousands)
    • defconfig and friends
    • check/fix sim700 driver compile warnings (needed to support Cxxx boxes in wide mode, if we ever want to) (Ryan)
    • 64-to-32-bit translator for PDC firmware calls on Cxxx boxen (enable more people to test wide kernels) (Ryan)
    • Change 'unsigned long sversion:28' to unsigned int in hardware.h?
      Change hardware.c functions which take hversion/sversion args?
    • Do the right thing with macro elf_check_arch() for wide/narrow kernels (see include/asm-parisc/elf.h)
    • Fix 'hwclock' problem (probably a broken or missing ioctl32.c translation).
  • Kernel debugger - KWDB (Grant)
  • Fix cache/TLB flushing. (John)
  • Finish ptrace(2) implementation. (Thomas)
  • Unaligned trap handler. (Volunteer?)
  • Finish floating point completion and trap handler. (Volunteer?)
  • Verify floating point trap behaviour is correct (Volunteer?)
  • Remove kbd_read_status() dependency on CONFIG_GSC_PS2. (Volunteer?)
  • <include/asm-parisc/types.h> defines dma_addr_t as 32-bit. PCI/Elroy supports 64-bit. "typedef ulong_t dma_addr_t"? (Volunteer?)
  • Update Documentation/parisc/registers (Volunteer?)
  • PA1.1 SR can be 16-32 bits wide - only using 16-bits. (Volunteer?)
  • rewrite kernel_thread (Matthew)
  • Dino/100BT: Use "Good Dog" Timer to limit GSC bus tenancy instead of limiting tulip DMA burst length. (Volunteer?)
    (JSM has tried this - it didn't work. GGG thinks it should.)
  • remove asm-parisc/real.h fixing dependencies on it
  • Verify and fix the existing code in led.c for LCD displays (Volunteer?)


  • Test/Debug floating point environment support in GNU libc. (Volunteer?)
  • Debug floating point environment and trap handling. (Volunteer?)
  • Write open version of required 64-bit libmilli routines. (Volunteer?)