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Here you will find information on the current state of the development effort. It will be updated periodically and will give you a snapshot of the current state of Linux on the PA-RISC. For more information on the current state of the PA-RISC project see Weekly Reports and check out our list of Contributors.

Current To Do List

2000 To Do Archive

1999 To Do Archive



18 December 2000
  • Fix user stacks so they start at a reasonable address and grow upwards. (Matthew)
15 December 2000
  • Added chassis LED- and LCD-driver. (Helge)
5 December 2000
  • Initial merge with Linus, including a few tidy-ups to our tree. (Alan Cox, Matthew Wilcox)
29 November 2000
  • Fixed parallel port driver to not crash kernel on early ASP based machines. (Helge)
10 November 2000
  • Fixed remaining __FUNCTION__ usage to be complaint w/gcc definition (Grant)
  • Merge to linux-2.4.0-test10 completed (Paul Bame)
  • palinux-linux v0.5 beta ISO published! (Paul Lahaie)
  • Fixed strace (Richard)
7 November 2000
  • 64-bit: PCI Interrupt Routing (iosapic support) (Grant)
  • 64-bit: PCI Resource init/mngt (Grant)
  • "reboot" command works on c3k/j5k (Grant)
  • PS/2 keyboard driver is missing various important keysyms (Thomas Marteau (ESIEE Team))

    (No - I'm not the only person working on this port - just happen to muck with this list more than anyone else. :^) -grant)

24 October 2000
  • 64-bit: Fixed PDC wrappers so upper half of "callee saves" register don't get trashed Paul)
  • VM: Paging now works (John)
  • VM: Fixed most outstanding bugs! A180 is quite stable now... (John)
  • PA1.1 Hand-Tuned/Optimised asm IP checksum code (Randolph)
  • SMP : add cpuinfo_parisc cpu_data[] and fix boot_cpu_data usage (Grant)
  • update /proc/interrupts info (Helge)
  • Added "bits_wide" parameter to txn_alloc_data(). (Grant)
17 October 2000
  • dynamic user stack. ( Richard/ David )
  • Finish ptrace(2) implementation. (Thomas)
  • STI fbcon driver - STI console works (David)
  • update "How-To Build the Kernel" recipe (Alan Modra)
  • 64-bit kernel : PAT PDC device discovery (Grant)
  • Smarter resource mgmt in ccio driver (Ryan)
  • Smarter resource mgmt in sba driver (Grant)
  • Implement kernel module loading (this is half userspace work). ( Richard/ David )
10 October 2000
  • Kernel built/booted all native! (Richard)
  • base/glibc/gcc/etc debs are now available (David)
  • STI console driver(Helge and Paul)
  • Smarter resource mgmt in ccio driver (Ryan)
  • merged rbrad's changes into sba (Grant)
  • User stack grows dynamically! (Richard)
  • flush_kernel_dcache_range(): off-by-one bug found/fixed by fleedwood/jsm
  • SBA I/O MMU: LCI bug fixed w/help from chada/jsm
  • 64-bit kernel almost gets to user space on c3k
28 August 2000
  • Linux syscalls (John)
  • Signals (David)
  • Check other arches for new syscalls we don't have and add them. (Matthew)
  • WAX EISA adapter. (Helge)
  • Symbios 8xx SCSI driver (Richard)
  • NCR 720 Zalon SCSI driver (Richard)
11 March 2000 Kernel
  • NCR710 driver (Gyula)
  • pci_consistent() interfaces implementation (Grant)
  • ELF-reenable the kernel (Sam)
13 February 2000


  • IO SAPIC support (Grant)
  • C3000/J5000 PCI support (Grant)
  • Tulip driver
  • LASI Apricot ethernet (Sammy)
  • IP checksum code in C (Thomas)
  • console termios setup (Martin)
  • Moved to Kernel 2.3.42


  • Sash 3.4 works (Matthew)
  • ifconf (Matthew)
  • httpd (Josh)