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Here you will find information on the current state of the development effort. It will be updated periodically and will give you a snapshot of the current state of Linux on the PA-RISC. For more information on the current state of the PA-RISC project see Weekly Reports and check out our list of Contributors.

Current To Do List

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1999 To Do Archive



December 31st, 1999
  • LASI Serial driver
  • HIL keyboard driver (Matthew)
  • PS/2 LASI keyboard driver (Philipp)
  • Extensive MM work (Philipp)
  • LASI Sound (Philipp)
October 7, 1999

The following is a list of what has been accomplished in the PA-RISC Linux project over the past few months:

  • interrupt handling now works
  • the start of Virtual Memory has been completed
  • hardware discovery through PDC works
  • PCI bus walking with the Dino contoller is functional
  • IO and MMIO space for the Dino PCI bus has been started
  • we've moved to kernel version 2.2.13 as our base
  • a shell loads and dies
June 25, 1999
  • The kernel boots and promptly dies after displaying version information.
May 1, 1999
  • The kernel builds! Work begins on getting the kernel to boot using a modified boot loader.
March, 1999
  • Jason Eckhardt gets the boot loader working. Work starts on modifying the kernel for elementary parisc support.
October, 1998
  • Martin Petersen, Alex deVries and Christopher Beard dream up the project at Atlanta Linux Showcase.