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linux-parisc [spinics archive, gmane archive]

This mailing list exists to serve PA-RISC developers and developement communities closely tied to them. This primarily (but not exclusively) means linux kernel, gcc, binutils, and glibc work.

To subscribe, please mail majordomo@vger.kernel.org with the message content subscribe linux-parisc.


  • Post user space questions to debian-hppa mailing list.
  • Use reportbug to file problem reports for specific applications.
  • Before posting a kernel problem report or question:
    1. Review this list of things to check for the answer.
    2. Read How-To Ask Smart Questions
    3. Read How-To Report a PARISC-Linux Kernel Problem
    4. If you want to guess what the problem is, please include a patch.
    Really. Read the above stuff at least once. It tells you what we need to know to help and how to communicate that information.
  • parisc-linux is an open list. While the list has a spamfilter, we apologize some spam does get through anyway because this list is open.
    Here is the most basic etiquette for open lists:
    • NEVER CC: or cross post to a closed mailing list.
    • NEVER answer in private to a mailing-list message.
    • NEVER ask if you can ask a question. (Just ask it once you've done your homework.)

Search the old "parisc-linux@parisc-linux.org" mailing lists (before the switch to "linux-parisc@vger.kernel.org")

parisc-linux-cvs [archive]

A separate mailing list exists for CVS as a read-only means for keeping track of CVS commits. All current development is done upstream trees, only the website and some tools are kept in CVS, all other GNU tools, kernel etc are upstream.

To subscribe, please mail parisc-linux-cvs-request@lists.parisc-linux.org with the subject subscribe or use the web interface.

Warning: This list sometimes has large patches and many automated messages from the CVS server for each commit.

Note to Microsoft Exchange users: Please setup your email client so it does not send automatic "Out-of-Office" replies to list mail. Instructions for how to do this with Microsoft Outlook are available here