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These instructions only work on Outlook 2000. Unfortunately this feature is not available in Outlook 95. If you have any suggestions on how to do this with other mailers, please send a note to the parisc-linux mailing list.

We have received many automatically generated "out-of-office" mails from people who use Microsoft Exchange/Microsoft Outlook. These messages are quite annoying; please turn them off. (Do you really want everyone to know you are on vacation, and no one is home?) Here are some steps to setup the Outlook's out-of-office assistant to only generate automatic replies to emails that are directly addressed to you.

  1. Open the "Out-of-office" assistant under the "Tools" Menu
  2. Make sure the "AutoReply only once to each sender with the following text" text box is empty
  3. Select the "Add Rule" option
  4. In the window, select the "Sent directly to me" and "Cc'ed to me" options. In the "Perform these actions" box, select "Reply" and check on the template button. Type in a short message that you wish to use as your out-of-office notification.
  5. Click OK, and make sure the "I am currently out of the office" option is set

BEWARE! Mailing list packages (e.g. majordomo) will trip this rule! Do not leave this rule in place when interacting with any automated mailing list management SW. The subsequent mail storm will flood your mail box.

(Thanks to Ali Ezzet@HP for pointing this out after he found 21,000 emails in his inbox...)

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