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Here you will find information on the current state of the development effort. It will be updated periodically and will give you a snapshot of the current state of Linux on the PA-RISC. For more information on the current state of the PA-RISC project see Status Reports and check out our list of Contributors.

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March 3, 2000

News & Announcements
CVS Page
This Week's CVS Activity
State of the Port Summary
News & Announcements

Hardware Database updated.
Matthew & Dave have substantially updated the Hardware Database including correcting the CPU types, adding new drivers, adding PCI devices and fixing some of the ioscan output. If you have any machines running HPUX 10 or greater which aren't listed, please submit your ioscans to the database.
ELF work continuing
Paul has put in a lot of work getting the ELF kernel booting. Once more people have reported success with ELF kernels, we'll switch all development over to ELF.
RPMs and DEBs available
Thanks to Dave O'Neill and Dave Huggins-Daines, we have crosscompiling toolchains available from ftp://puffin.external.hp.com/pub/parisc/binaries for x86. Does anyone want to produce .depot files for us?

CVS Page

Following on from last week's exciting look at the status page, this week's featured page is the CVS page. Newly updated to reflect reality, it tells you which repositories are available and how to access them.

This Week's CVS Activity

Grant updated the SBA IOMMU code.
Philipp cleaned up the header files.
Paul checked in a rewrite of PALO.
Matthew checked in the linux/parisc website.
Paul fixed a large number of ELF problems.
Gyula updated the LASI SCSI support.
Helge updated the LASI ethernet support.

State of the Port Summary

based on 2.3.42
Supported Hardware:
SCSI, Lan and PS/2 on Lasi I/O controller
Dino PCI controller
Elroy PCI controller
Tulip ethernet
PCNet32 ethernet
Intel EEPro ethernet
Project Page
Latest Workable Image
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