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Here you will find information on the current state of the development effort. It will be updated periodically and will give you a snapshot of the current state of Linux on the PA-RISC. For more information on the current state of the PA-RISC project see Status Reports and check out our list of Contributors.

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February 25, 2000

News & Announcements
Status Page
This Week's CVS Activity
State of the Port Summary
News & Announcements

NFS Root Updated
Grant updated Martin's NFS root-howto with instructions for setting up an HP/UX machine as your NFS server.
ELF32 work started
We're currently playing with ELF32 stuff, trying to get a toolchain available to everyone. Once we're happy that the toolchain is working well enough, we'll start moving the kernel over to ELF.
Upcoming non-merge with Linus
We were planning to merge Linus 2.3.48 into our CVS tree later this week, however we've decided to delay until the following week to give our tree a chance to settle down with the ELF transition and Linus a chance to splat some more platform-independent bugs.
I've started to maintain a FAQ, referenced from the main webpage. It is a little rough for the moment; contributions eagerly anticipated.

Status Page

I'd just like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that we have a status page with some unclaimed projects at status

This Week's CVS Activity

More toolchain updates; Matthew checked in a patch to allow libgcc1 to build and added the .global directive to gas.
We decided to switch to a 16k per-process kernel stack size to ensure that we don't have any bugs caused by accidentally overrunning the kernel stack. John implemented this.
HP/UX compatibility gained a few new syscalls. I guess John was bored :-)
Grant made the Intel EtherExpress Pro card work.

State of the Port Summary

based on 2.3.42
Supported Hardware:
SCSI, Lan and PS/2 on Lasi I/O controller
Dino PCI controller
Elroy PCI controller
Tulip ethernet
PCNet32 ethernet
Intel EEPro ethernet
Project Page
Latest Workable Image
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