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Here you will find information on the current state of the development effort. It will be updated periodically and will give you a snapshot of the current state of Linux on the PA-RISC. For more information on the current state of the PA-RISC project see Status Reports and check out our list of Contributors.

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February 18, 2000

News & Announcements
This Week's CVS Activity
State of the Port Summary
News & Announcements

Astro and Elroy docs released
Thanks to many people at Hewlett Packard, we now have documentation on the Astro and Elroy devices found in some of the newer PA-RISC machines, such as the C3000 and J5000. These documents have been converted to PostScript and are linked from documentation
NFS working
Martin Petersen posted an NFS-Root howto on the list. If you use NFS root, then you don't need to use an initial ramdisk. This exercises quite a lot of the kernel, including the TCP/IP layer and the ethernet driver.

This Week's CVS Activity

The ELF toolchain has received some updates this week. Sammy contributed initial support for Linux/PARISC ELF32. Matthew contributed some build fixes for HP/UX and David H-D contributed Debian and Red Hat build support for x86.
John continued his low-level memory-management work by enabling the trapping of accidental user pointer dereferences.
Grant committed a bug-fix for card-mode DINOs.

State of the Port Summary

based on 2.3.42
Supported Hardware:
SCSI, Lan and PS/2 on Lasi I/O controller
Dino PCI controller
Elroy PCI controller
Tulip ethernet
PCNet32 ethernet
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