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Here you will find information about the hardware supported by the 0.9 release. This list is regularly updated. If you have additional information about the systems listed here please send it to the PA/Linux mailing-list

The tested hardware

These HP machines work with the 0.9 release. They have been installed and tested before the release was public.
  • L1000, L2000
  • A500
  • A180
  • B180, B132
  • 712, 715/Mirage {64,80,100}

The untested hardware

This is the list of models that might work. Please send reports.
  • D, R and K class
  • other B, C and J class
  • 755, 735, 725

The not-yet-supported hardware

These systems currently have problems or lack hardware specific support to make them fully functional
  • Superdome
  • V class
  • T class
  • N class
  • L3000
  • E, F, G, H, I class
  • 735/FWdiff
  • 715/Scorpio {33,50,75}
  • 705, 710, 720, 730, 750