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This is the list of known errata for the 0.9 Release.
  • Graphical(STI) CD file narrowsti.conf is wrong, change occurances of "./narrow" to "./sti".

  • Graphical(STI) install crashes kernel when rebooting at end of stage 1 install. This happens sometimes, but a simple reboot generally succeeds.

  • Installing on machines with multiple network interfaces, and using something other than eth0 causes a problem. This is due to /etc/resolv.conf on the target disk being left as a symbolic link to /target/etc/resolv.conf. If you selected DHCP configuration, it is sufficient to simply delete this file and reboot. If you did a manual network configuration, you should create a file with the correct contents. Something like,
      search my.domain
    is usually sufficient.

  • If you select DHCP network configuration during install, and the system fails to configure itself, it will not tell you. Instead, it waits until its requests time out and then claims the configuration was successful. If you have doubts, scroll down the menu to execute a shell, and then use 'ifconfig -a' to check the network state. Your ethernet port will have an address listed (inet addr) if the DHCP was successful. If not, reselect Configure Network from the menu to try again.

  • apt-get appears to hang when using a CD as an archive source. In fact it is prompting you to insert the right CD, but doesn't display the prompt until after you press return.

  • Screen drawing problems for deselect during install. Various screen drawing issues can be due to terminal type settings. This is more of an issue with serial consoles, because we don't know what terminal type is actually being used. The terminal type for the installer is set in the PALO command line parameters, as TERM=linux. For serial console installs it is probably worth interacting with PALO on boot to change that to TERM=vt102. Remember to change it after reboot to stage 2 of the install also.

  • The editor in the installer is not 'ae' as 'ash' tells you when you execute a shell, not 'nano' as 'ae' tells you if you try to invoke it, but nano-tiny.

  • To get the new slang frontend to debconf working you need to apt-get libterm-stool-perl and libterm-slang-perl.

  • The internal IDE CDROM on C3000 and J5000, at least, is not currently supported. An external SCSI CDROM can be used, but for that to work you must interact with IPL and add an extra parameter "sym53c8xx=buschk:2". Extra parameters are added simply by selecting an existing parameter and adding to the end of it.
Please report any additional errata to the PA/Linux mailing list.