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This website is kept for historical purpose but is no longer updated
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HP hosts a small network of test machines in Fort Collins and Cupertino for use by developers.

Fort Collins Test Ring Access

Access to the Fort Collins test ring is via palinux.external.hp.com (aka cvs.parisc-linux.org). Please contact us to obtain an account if you do not have one.

All machines are on a 192.168.1.x network. See /etc/bind/master/db.hppa for the most accurate information about which machines are available.

PA-RISC machines available:

  • N4000 (nicol)
  • L3000 (louise)
  • L2000 (hardware problem!)
  • K450 (knapps)
  • A500
  • A180

conserver is running on palinux.external.hp.com. To access to any given machine, type console <machinename>.

Cupertino Test Ring Access

For access, contact Grant Grundler <grundler at parisc-linux.org> or Matthew Wilcox <willy at parisc-linux.org> .
Please submit:
  • list projects/SW you are contributing
  • preferred login name
  • public ssh key
  • work telephone number (in case of computer security issues)
  • email address (if "Reply-To:" Mail header isn't available/sufficient)

All machines are on either the private GigE subnet (, the private 100BT network (, or BOTH. PARISC machines can only netboot from the 100BT network.

Public facing .external.hp.com domain names:

  • gsyprf3: rx2600. ia64 developer machine.
  • gsyprf7: not currently used
  • gsyprf10: x86. default gateway for private subnets. Squid server. Primary LDAP server. public FTP server.
  • gsyprf11: A500. secondary gateway and LDAP server. Hosts iou.parisc-linux.org. DHCP/tftp server for netbooting other a500.
  • gsyprf15: not currently used

All Cupertino test machines have a remote console accessible from gsyprf10.external.hp.com or (backup) gsyprf11. Consoles live on a private subnet and are same as the hostname with 'c' appended (e.g. riotc). Access is via telnet <machinename>c.

PA-RISC Machines available are:
  • rp24xx: gsyprf11 (PA8700), iodine (PA8600)
  • rp3440: ioz (PA8800), ion (PA8900)

More machines are available but need work, see this wiki page.

IA64-Machines available are:
  • rx2600 (1.5Ghz/6M Madison): gsyprf3, ionize, iota
  • rx4640 (1.3Ghz/3M Madison): iowa
IA64-Machines present but not "working":
  • rx2600 (1.4Ghz Madison): matthew,william ("spare", need to be installed)
  • rx2600 (1.5Ghz Madison): iota (sdb "/home" not spinning up)

ESIEE Test Ring Access

ESIEE hosts also a small test ring for developers use.

Admin is Thibaut Varene <varenet at parisc-linux.org>. To request access, please submit:

  • what you are contributing and why you need access
  • preferred login name
  • public ssh key

PA-RISC Machines available are:

  • J6000 (552Mhz pa8600 SMP)
  • rp3440 (800Mhz pa8800 SMP dual core)
  • L1000 (440Mhz pa8500 SMP)
  • A500 (550Mhz pa8600 SMP)

IA64-Machines available are:
  • rx2600 (900Mhz McKinley SMP and 1300Mhz Madison SMP)