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1. Introduction

1.1 Welcome

You've decided to build a PARISC cross compiler. Why? So you can cross compile on a faster box for your slower PARISC machine.

In our case a Dual 1.0GHz PIII box with 1.5GB's of RAM and fast IDE disks.

The real question should be: Why aren't you using one of the pre-rolled x86 cross compiler toolchains? If the answer is: "Because I like it dirty!" then go on... if it's not, then grab the latest cross compiler at:

Or for non x86 ones at:

1.2 Preparation

You will need a good and fast cross compiling box and at least 1.5GB's of free disk space to fit all the source and compiled stages.

You will also need all the latest tools required to build: glibc, gcc, binutils and the latest linux kernel.

Depending on your system, you might already be up to date on the required software.

1.3 Layout

Initially you should decide on a location to put the source tree. In the example we'll use "parisc-linux" inside $HOME as our starting location

Remember that during the build process gcc, glibc and binutils will be built in separate directories from the source. This is a requirement for building these packages. If you follow the instructions in the HOWTO it will become apparent that we move into "build" and call ./configure --myoptions from the "src" directories, rather than just calling it from within the "src" directory itself. Please keep these things in mind when building.

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