The PARISC-Linux Cross Compiler HOWTO
Carlos O'Donell Jr.

v1.2.1, 15 Oct 2002

	Added HTML tags.

Title Page
        Fixed some typos. 
        Removed PDF references.
	Changed changelog link

Section 1.1
        Added link to ESIEE cross compilers.

Section 2 
        Removed references to PALO source.
        Updated versions and links for toolchain utils.
        Added explanation about gcc-3.0.X.
        Changed links to gcc-3.0
	More typos.

Section 3
        Updated versions and corrected typos in directory listings.
        Removed db addon bug correction.
	Typos again.

Section 4
        Added --build=$MACH to configure line.
        Removed --enable-targets=hppa64-linux to binutils configure line.
        Added info about how to compile 64bit xc.
	Did somebody talk about typos ?

Section 5 
        Removed palo references.
        Added PA-RISC/Linux Boot HOWTO reference.

v1.2, 18 Apr 2002

Title Page
        Fixed typos and spelling mistakes.
        Changed some titles.

Section 2.2
        Removed GCC from the CVS section and recommended
        getting the source from GCC upstream CVS (GCC 3.1).
        Updated examples for Binutils and glibc and gcc.

Section 4.x and 5.x
        Changed path ordering:
                From 'export PATH=$PATH:$DEST/bin'
                To 'export PATH=$DEST/bin:$PATH'
        (Thanks Joel).
        Changed --enable-shared to --disable-shared
        for GCC 3.1 compiles (Thanks JDA).
        Changed a few environment variables.
        Modified configure parameters for glibc.

- Produced PDF version for printing.

v1.1, 15 Jan 2002

- Created document.